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21 September 2012

Seth Dickinson's "Worth of Crows" at BCS

In my last post, I mentioned that I would be blogging more regularly. That was over a year ago. So, yeah, I dropped the ball a bit there. But lets let bygones be bygones. I just had to pop in here tonight to give a nod to an exceptionally fine story I just read.

Over at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Seth Dickinson's "Worth of Crows" is really, really worth checking out, well worth every penny (though the site is free to visit, they do pay their authors at professional rates). If you like really good fantasy fiction, and you've never been over to BCS, you owe it to yourself to check out their top-notch online mag.

The prose in Dickinson's story is impeccable--spare and yet beautiful all the same. The world the narrative takes place in is sketched so subtly that though the narrator doesn't tell us much about it at all, we feel like we know a lot anyway. Dickinson adheres admirably to the writers' axiom "Use all the best words, in the right order, without any unnecessary ones." It is one thing to pull that off when the setting is contemporary and you can assume a lot of shared reader knowledge, but to do it in a fantasy with a world as rich and unique as this is a triumph. Hats off to the author. Do yourself a favor and zip on over to BCS to give it a read. Till next time.

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