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04 June 2011

From higher ed. contract negotiations to painting ferry boats--arguably not that different

It's good to be home. And to be done with nearly 4 months of negotiations with the CMU administration.

That's right, it was a long haul, but the non-tenure track faculty at CMU have a four year contract. It wasn't easy, nor most of the time was it fun, but we did it. We didn't get everything we wanted (and deserved), but in this political and economic climate, we did fairly well. Now comes the implementation and enforcement of the contract. But first, starting Monday, we have to paint the Emerald Isle!

She's a big old girl, and the paint job takes a beating over the winter, so every year, five or six of us spend three or four long days painting her, from the top down (almost) to the waterline. My favorite part is using the raft to paint the green just above where the black hull paint begins. I think it is because of the whole Huck Finn thing.

Anyway, we're here, alternating between our little house (a spacious 8 feet by 12 feet) and Larissa's grandparents' place on the harbor. I have internet access in town, so that's when get to do fun stuff like blog a bit. With any luck, I should be able to post fairly regularly for most of the summer. So thanks for sticking with me if you are still there. I may have some news before long, but I can't be any more specific just yet. Until then, keep up the good fight.

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Dennis w. said...

Looking forward to our visit in August. Isn't negotiating fun!?