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01 December 2012

Weird Scholar charts...well, the weird

Something interesting from the Weird Fiction Review, Ann and Jeff Vandermeer's site dedicated to the celebration and exploration of The Weird. Stephen Graham Jones, author and associate professor of English at the University of Colorado, Boulder, has shared a flow chart that attempts to pin down the notoriously squirmy and tentacular genre of weird fiction.

I have to admit to having developed a special affinity for weird fiction of late, especially since the story I have forthcoming in Volume II of the Arcane anthology fits squarely into the genre. I didn't intend that at the start, but the final product was certifiably weird (and this chart only confirms my original assessment).

One of the Vandermeers' most recent projects (to tell the truth, it is hard to keep up with these two) is the World Fantasy Award winning The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories. They've also complied a pair of fine anthologies of New Weird writing, but don't let the idea of "newness" confuse you. The "Old" Weird is still very much alive and undulating.

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