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01 January 2010

New Years Wishes

We made it to another one. Can you believe it? 2010?! That's like sci-fi territory! David Brin's The Postman takes place in the future still, but not for long (2015). We might have already passed Blade Runner. Anyway, this time of year, we typically find ourselves mired in regrets over things left unfinished (or those at which we outright failed), while hoping for something more and better for the coming year. I won't get into the former--neither you nor I have the time. I will, however, touch on some of my aspirations for the new year. Aside from the writing projects I hope/intend to complete (some of which are extensions on resolutions as far back as Y2K!), I have several other things in mind.

First, I want to be a better husband--less self-absorbed, more understanding, all that good stuff. I want to be the father I ought to be, but some of that is going to require me to be more disciplined with my time. I never really thought that having a job where half or more of my work can be done from home would be so difficult, but it has turned out to be so. I want to be more organized, more disciplined, more productive when I am working, and more present when I am not. I want to be a better son--hopefully we can get down to Florida this spring so my parents can see Lysander again. I want to send birthday cards to both my parents this year, and on time! Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day too, I suppose. I want to be a better friend to all those who deserve it (this might include a trip to Oshkosh). I want to be less awkward with my colleagues, and more reliable for my students. I want to read more and watch TV less. I want to blog more consistently so that it might actually be worth someone's while to check in at the Karnival now and again.

I could go on. Overall, I am trying to use my resolutions more for the general good than for specific things I want. Will it make them any more likely to be kept? Possibly: the guilt factor might be greater. Anyway, I wish you all the very best on this new years day.


Dennis W. said...

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours! Congratulations!!(?)
Always checking, since I don't Xanga, Myspace, or Facebook.

wendilou92 said...

Resolution to blog more consistently?.... Hmmmmmm. How's that going? :-)

As a professor's kid, good luck with that working at home thing. My mother was always working. But I got to help her grade exams, so that was fun.