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02 July 2008

Better Late Than Later

At long last, photographic proof of my reproductive capacity! I've been meaning to get a few photos up here for weeks now, so here they are. This is Lysander, who is now 5 weeks old, but was younger (and thinner) in these shots.

I've also been meaning to scratch together an interview for you all, but nothing is ready yet. I've also been working on a review to try and get my foot in the door over at The Greenman Review, but it has been slow going so far. Things at the Boat Dock have already gotten crazy, what with U.S. Independence Day coming up this week. Larissa and I are working at moving out of town this week, but as always, projects are taking me longer than I anticipated. The window is in, but I have to put everything back where it belongs (siding and such) before we can set up our bed in the loft again. I also want to install a railing of some sort to keep anyone from taking a header out of the loft in the middle of the night. Then comes some plumbing to get the sink ready for use. Oh, and we planted Lysander's tree a week or so ago, and the deer have already been nibbling on it, so I had to put up a little fence around it. Hopefully that will give it a chance to take hold. It has Lysander's placenta buried underneath it, so it would be a shame if it died (we could just plant another tree in the same hole, but still...). So today I'll be going back out there to get some more done, with the hope that we'll be sleeping in our own little place tonight for the first time this year.

So there it is. I haven't written much, nor have I done any work on the classes I'll be teaching in the fall, but as usual, I'm hoping that things will get better soon.

If nothing else, I can always play with the baby! Until next time then.


Anonymous said...

You know for a writer you sure don't update very much. Who's coming and going from the Island? How's Tom's house coming along? How is your simple life in the woods going? Have you tried driving a sand point for water with a hand pump on your property? We are all very excited about getting to the Island to see you all!
The Wesenbergs (Dennis)

Patrick S. McGinnity said...

Yeah, I keep meaning to, but then something else always comes up. I'll get better once I have internet access at home. You'll probably get the answers to your burning questions in person before you read about them on this blog. We can't wait to see you guys either. Till then...