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17 June 2008

Welcome...and please don't eat the soap.

Well...beginnings can be as difficult as endings, can't they. Welcome to my new blogspace in the blogosphere, where folks get together to blog each other. What the blog?! "Blog" has, it appears, just become one of those rare words that can be used as any part of speech and in any situation, much like my old favorite, "smurf." Maybe that's just in my head though. Anyway, this is my bloggin blog, and if you disagree, you can just go blog yourself with a blogged blog. Bloggin-A!

Okay, if anyone has bothered to read past that, you should realize that we can only go up from here. I'm not exactly sure what my next step is as a motherblogging blogger (the author apologizes for the misuse of the word "blog;" the copy editor in charge of catching such occurrences has just been sacked and replaced by a llama), but it promises to be at least somewhat more entertaining than...well...more entertaining than something, I'm sure. Don't get your hopes up too high, though. Until the next go-round, Cheers!


David Anthony Durham said...


Let me be the first to welcome you to the blogosphere!

Thanks for your kind words on my blog and about Acacia. Much appreciated.

And congrats on the baby. (Good luck writing on Baby-Time!)


Patrick S. McGinnity said...

Thanks David,

I'm perpetually amazed at how much time the little guy can eat up, and even more so at how much I am willing to give him. I was worried that I'd be too selfish with my time, but it looks more like I'm going to have to force myself to let the baby sleep and get some work done while I can. All part of the great dance I suppose.

David Anthony Durham said...

Yes, sir. And he will teach you many things about being human. That's good for you writing in the long run.