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19 February 2013

Something Interesting (to me at any rate)

I know this is pretty dumb, but I just got totally jazzed when I discovered that my story from ARCANE II is one of three featured as representative of the anthology's weirdness at Cold Fusion Media's website. It has probably been there for weeks, but while searching for clues to when the print edition might be coming out, I happened to notice it. That's a thumbnail synopsis of "The Dubious Apotheosis of Baskin Gough" highlighted in blue in the screenshot. Part of what is exciting is that a lot of emphasis is placed on one-sentence summaries as both a test of story structure and a marketing tool, and having the editor choose mine to summarize makes me think that I did something right in that sprawling tangle of a story.

On a somewhat related note, I am currently working at getting some of my previously published stories whipped into shape for individual release in ebook format. The biggest challenge (and, I have to admit, the fun part) is putting together a professional-looking cover for each. Here is a mock-up of a cover for "Hard Winter," which I mentioned in my previous post. Any comments would be warmly appreciated.

18 February 2013

Paradigm: Volume One is a Nook Book!

Just a quick note to say that an anthology containing one of my older (but still a favorite) stories  is now available as an e-book, exclusively (as far as I can tell) from Barnes & Noble. It is "Hard Winter," a darkly comedic Beaver Island story with only a couple of survivors. All characters are wholly invented, and any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental, just so you know.