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30 November 2012

New(ish) Story Finds a Home

Well, it has been a while, but at last, I have a sale to announce. One of my newer stories, "The Dubious Apotheosis of Baskin Gough," will be appearing in the second volume of Cold Fusion Media's fine Arcane anthology series in early 2013 (assuming the Mayan calendar is wrong and we're all still here). It will be coming out in both e-book and print formats, and I will, of course, post details here as soon as I know more.
--The first Arcane Anthology--

I have to say, I'm really excited to see this piece in print, as it took more than two years of working on and off before it was done. In the end I was really happy with how it turned out, though it was a bit long for a lot of the markets I could imagine it in.

Aqua Dementia, by Keith Grassmick
The story was inspired by the painting "Aqua Dementia" by the ever-so-talented artist Keith Grassmick. I've always loved that image not only for its artistic merits, but also for the narrative it implies. My challenge was to write a story in which this scene could appear, and I'm glad to say the scene did make it through all the revisions and ended up being one of the best in the story.

You owe it to yourself to head on over to Cold Fusion's website and check out some of their other offerings, including Arcane Volume I, The Arcane Sampler, Arkham Tales, and all of Nathan Shumate's other exciting projects.